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APRIL 2019

This is a collection of photographs that I took on a family excursion to Paarl, Western Cape. We journeyed close to the magnificent mountain ranges on our way there. The photograph below captures only a tiny segment of these striking mountains. The mountains in the Western Cape are known for their rugged and majestic appearance. The mountain ranges stand tall and quietly watch over the towns they surround.


The other photographs in this collection were taken at the Afrikaanse Taalmonument, a monument located on the mountainside in Paarl and commemorates the Afrikaans language. It was build in 1975 and is truly a magnificent sight. I believe that this monument is one of South Africa's most extraordinary pieces of architecture. The texture of the monument itself is meant to emulate the texture of the rocky surrounds. I love this monument's design because every part of it has a deep meaning and was not simply built to look pretty. The photo directly above was taken from the inside of the largest peak of the monument. This peak represents the growth of the Afrikaans language and is open at the top as a way of symbolising that the language is still growing.