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Shiselweni Region, Kingdom of eSwatini

JUNE 2018

This is a collection of photographs from the mission trip I went on in June 2018. We stayed at two different child care organisations in Swaziland and tried to help out wherever we could. The first organisation we stayed at, Pasture Valley, was situated in the lower part of Swaziland. The kind people who serve at Pasture Valley took us to a few local homesteads and to the local primary school. We did everything from making shooting star crafts with the kids at the school to cooking traditional meals for families who needed the help.


At this particular homestead, there were three very young children. Two of which can be seen in some of these photographs. They were running around, playing with sticks, wrestling each other and were very interested in us, the weirdly dressed missionaries. An old man who seemed to be a head of the family started helping us remove rocks and sticks from around the house. You could see that he was in pain and appreciated the help. The mother of an older child lay in the shade at the side of the house. She likely had HIV/AIDS and was not well enough to get up and greet us.