A Little More Spark (2017) A Little More Spark is a short film directed by Talitha Neville. It is set in Johannesburg in the early 1960s. It chronicles the burgeoning relationship between Annie and Joe. These two high school students first meet in a café and it is from there that their relationship blossoms. They do, however, have one or two obstacles in their way. This classic love story will leave you wishing for a return to simpler days. Runtime: 17 minutes 15 seconds
INEFFABLE (2016) Ineffable was produced in 2016. The film was shot in a wide variety of locations across South Africa. Ineffable follows a man's journey for self-expression. It is an artistic piece that Talitha Neville created with her camera as the paintbrush and it includes well crafted pieces of music composed by Warwick Eccles. Runtime: 8 minutes 50 seconds
Worth the wait (2017) Worth the Wait is a 1 minute short film that aimed to showcase the love that can exist between a dog and his owner. Talitha shot this at her home with her St. Bernard, Charlie. Runtime: 1 minute 00 seconds

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